Is the rewritten content by text changer, better than the content written by a human?

No! As mentioned already, article spinner is a tool made by people, so it can’t replace the human ability. The content it rewrites is mostly human readable, but it can’t match the quality, readability, and accuracy of the content written by a human. The whole idea behind the free paraphrasing tool is to help people paraphrase online to save time and effort and not being the substitute of the content that a human may write. Article rewriter tool could be very useful in the mass blog posting and web services, but it can never be as good as the content written by the man himself.

This is a highly sophisticated and free article spinner tool that can produce high quality human readable content instinctively using the artificial intelligence. The tool first understands well the given article and then rephrase the content by using suitable synonyms and phrases meaning the same. Unlike most of the rephrase tool that you may come across on the internet, tries to understand the text before rewriting it carefully. This tool has been designed to read and comprehend the content the way a few being would, gathering facts and figures. Instead of taking the sentence merely as a combination of words it rather views them as the whole sentence. Rather than taking sentences as word combinations, free article spinner considers them a whole.

The human like understanding is what allows Article Rewriter Tool to rewrite high quality content, close to the content written by humans, if not better.